Shadow of Subconsciousness

Saturday, 15 July 2017

"Why do you love writing?"

Almost all of us know how to communicate through talking or writing. Imagine art form which always walks hand in hand with you no matter where you go - so many have access to it, yet many don't even really see it. It's like an invisible art, melody which only some people have the skill of seeing naturally, and some seek to discover the paths to dive into it as well. It's in the atmosphere all the time, none of us can really escape it. Not that it harms anyone, really. I think it's quite peaceful as it is, but it indeed can be used in such a powerful ways. Single tones and chances of letters can mean so much; you can make it sound like a soft wave that's passing by, which makes you smile like you haven't ever smiled before, or like storming tidal wave with a thing that feels like an apocalypse riding on top of it. You name it, this art as any other has the variety. But it's true that it's been rumored that this art form even has thousands of languages to begin the symphony with.

What do you see, when you see letters?

tiny glimpse of my thoughts from wednesday-thursday night.

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