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Monday, 5 June 2017

Why is the time always gone?

I feel like lots of things happened last week. I woke up on monday morning, for some reason I didn't slept properly even tho I had reserved that night for myself to be alone. I took off to visit brother. He had purchased Doctor Strange which he wanted to show me, and I even quite liked it at the end; very thought-provoking. We also went to watch the famous new Pirates of the Caribbean in Scape's specially tailored lazer projector 14 fL 3D way. I could say that I clearly noticed the difference, and therefore ended up liking that experience really much. And for everyone who wonders is the movie any good.. well, it's definitely better than the 4th one. It's funny trailer advertising didn't warm me up at all, it has tiny untied things in it, but in general it's a good movie! I quite liked it.

On wednesday we visited our parents, and I finally muttered it out that I'm changing my name reeeally soon. I even started in such a way that mom got freaked out and asked has someone died.. way to go me and my sad/scared tone. But mom seemed to take it well and life goes on. Otherwise me and brother pretty much just lost into HoMM 4 after a long time - such a  good and classig game.

On thusday evening I got home and had another friday ahead of me when I'd meet my physiotherapist (I also had met her last friday). This time she gave me bunch of exercises to do, so now I'm left with good advices for the future. I can later call a new appointment if I start to feel like it.

On saturday I went to hunt some geocaches (even a mystery one!) with an old working pal of mine. Other than that I pretty much spent my weekend continuing Diablo III with Milo:

I've also been cooking different type of good food lately, I'm really enjoying the new eating habits. And the fact that it haven't felt like much of a work.

Aaand I started this cool tiny project yesterday! I just got fed up with my twitter header and got this crazy idea.. that maybe, just maybe, I could create something just by myself from scratch? Well, yesterday I finished this one piece...

...and I could say it looks pretty neat? I'm currently working on doing more, even tho I got told that Sly looks quite nice there by himself, too, but I want to test out how he'd look if I put some friends in there. Any guesses who they're going to be? No, they're not going to be Bentley or Murray - they're going to be from totally different games (and some also from a different platform)!

But yeah, this is what my life has been about lately.
I hope your week has started well!

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