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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Night owl

It's been really nice to notice there has been nothing marked on my calendar for this or the last week. I can't actually even remember the last time I had so much proper spare time. With that I've totally lost the track of reasonable sleeping, but luckily "reasonable" is relative. I've found myself up near 6am without feeling tired at all, having the most amazing conversations long into the night. I don't think my brains have even allowed me to sleep properly, not that it bothers me, since I've just been so excited about everything. Losing the track of days and all that. So yeah, hello, it's 2 o'clock on the morning. Let me ramble a little bit. What I've been doing?

I've slowly continued my twitter header project which currently looks like this:

Abe so doesn't know.

Another social media thingy: I feel like I'm finally proper proud of my blogs - this and Henkäys. I think I've officially ran out of things to fix with the layouts (at least I quite like 'em). Now, the only thing I can make better is the content. The future looks bright.

I've also been enjoying Leo's June Juornaling Challenge. Generally makes me more active with traditional pen & paper setup, and which might be the coolest thing about it: my journal gets more sketching in it. The idea is pretty much to write 3 things down that you feel grateful for, and also answer to one single question, but the trick is that you do that every single day for the month of June. I can't believe it's pretty much half way done already, been so much fun to activate my brain cells to think with guidelines.

Last week I was also geocaching a bit more, even proper solved one geocache on the spot~ Such a activating thing to do; pleasant geocaching friend crowns it all.

I've been slowly and carefully re-organizing my living space, which is really exciting - it's a work in progress (but I gott to say right now it feels really upbeat). Upper back exercises are going reasonably well and all that. I also watched E3 streams with company, which ended up being really pleasant experience. There were even some games that made me really excited (e.g. A Way Out & The Evil Within)!

Also I just want to say that 3 days of rain has been really nice for a change, on top of the fact that my hay fever is gone, so I can actually smell the rain.. and oh, I can tell you; it feels amazingly refreshing. Summer is here, nature has become so green and beautiful~

That's my ramble for now, got my main thoughts out.
I hope you're having a nice week!

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