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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Gamer, wha-?

On monday afternoon I headed to Helsinki, to meet brother and to do a little going around the city and + to hunt down external USB sound card thingy to plug my headset into, that I don't need to plug/unplug it every time I use it on PC. So, basically got my gamer gear a bit updated.

Also I was going to see Resident Evil Vendetta at 9pm! Even our cousin joined us on that one. I could say it's the best movie of all the three, at least it was freakin' amazing to experience at cinema - also it felt pretty cool that Finkino it didn't have subtitles, I truly felt like I was a part of the global day they only viewed it.

Also since Finland didn't get Resident Evil: The Final Chapter into cinemas, it happened to pop into shops at the same day, me and brother of course also watched that on tuesday. Not bad, I say. Now, again, I'm up-to-date with Resident Evil movies.

I also tried out Tekken 7 on wednesday with my all time favourite Yoshimitsu, which luckily as a character haaad gotten a bit better again.

But how are you going to spend your Midsummer? I'll probably build up a fortress to my bed and play this, long-awaited & hyped, which I was fortunate enough to pick up from the mail yesterday evening:

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