Shadow of Subconsciousness

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Motley dreams (and news)

I see a dream where a friend of mine murders my whole family after lying that we're together. I see a dream where we escape Michael Myers. I see a dream about mysterious labyrinth house that me and my childhood family move in; demons lure in the corners, clones walk on ceilings, have cut open stomachs, completely white eyes and hideous grins. The real you occasionally disappear to the mist or you just casually stab 'em to death without wanting to admit the world (purgatory?) that we're in. I see dream about fictional character (Eliot Waught), maybe for the first time ever in my life. I see a dream where we me and a friend of mine go to a concert after a weird bus trip that's full of laughter, and just have a conversation after how we missed this. I see dreams where you touch me, I see dreams that we've met, that we're really in love.

I've officially started taking steps towards leaving meat and dairy out from my diet, I'm feeling fresh and powerful. I've discovered that at least my body is otherwise in a really good shape - I just need to work with the right scapula, and apparently go and take an x-ray of my right wrist when I have the energy, I might have something weird going on with the bones.

I've been jogging, walking and practising self-care. I've been laughing and having lots of thoughts about the world; me, my surroundings and everything further than that. Hell, I've even been playing Diablo III again! Summer starts to be here, and I believe I have the power to make my life truly mine. Also, still some mysterious waiting. It remains as a mystery until autumn arrives, "the secret" shall be revealed in time.

I'm also going to participate in one journaling challenge next month,
so you can expect to see that in here.

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