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Friday, 12 May 2017

Comeback of the paper hat

When you don't know what to wear.. just wear everything darling.
Oh yeah I haven't worn that paper hat since summer 2012.. I kind of got tired of it being just a decoration.

There has been days when I've only opened up my mouth to speak English - makes me wonder how much my life has changed. Developing things with language that ain't my native one. Also going to be watching Eurovision Song Contest finale while chatting in English.

Days when I feel like I'd want to live out of suitcase, that I definitely need to declutter stuff even more (which I have done). I deleted some of my internet accounts in a hope of finding inner piece better - continuously being out in the open all around without any particular reason is actually surprisingly tiring, and I've always said I'd rather meet people through what I do than anything else. So now my digital footpring is even a little bit more in control. I want to focus better on things that I have going on, not to be separated to all sort of different places at once. I've also been less on PC, what is this sorcery. Hello TV screen.

And yeah, I went to check King Arthur for the sake of the director, in advance even. The raaare moment when this fox hypes the director even a little bit - gotta love those Sherlock movies. King Arthur had it's ups and downs, but overall I enjoyed it. I'd say it's one of those cases where the trailer is so well built that it creates challenge for the movie itself.  In addition of the usage of the cameras, I want to mention the extremely fitting audio (minus two parts when I'd say the sound lost it's original touch via too much editing - but hey, who am I to say? I've only done one soundscape that went to official use and so on - besides I think this is mostly a matter of opinion. so).

And just for the sake of comparison.. here's me being 16 with the hat:

In a certain light..  I don't age much, do I?

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