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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What about.. self-care?

Well, I went to physiotherapy for the first time, and I want to tell a little bit about it. First I want to admit that I was skeptic would it help me at all, since so far I've had my own ways and tricks to manage with my wrist - I started to have problems with it back at trade school, and it haven't been the same since.

Side note: I walked to the waiting hall and immediately was strike with a wave like I had walked into kindergarten, since there were two baby strollers and all the posters looked so happy and colorful.. but nope, I was at the right place. And I'd say half of the people that visited there around 9am were tiny kids and the other half adults just like me. Kind of nice to actually notice that these sort of problems really don't care about the age they develop. And the staff of the place was really pleasant, seemed to know how to handle different sort of people.

I went there to simply get everyday help with my wrist, but ended up with so much more deeper knowledge: I got to know that my left leg might be tiny bit taller than my right one. My left shoulder blade (and the shoulder in general) are upper than my right ones, even tho my clavicle (aka collar bones) are balanced. There seems to be something weirdly wrong around my right wrist; I may have native problem with my thumb bone, and I need to learn ways to chill my wrist joint.

About my right shoulder blade.. well, it barely moves at all. I knew that my shoulder area has been stuck basically since I was a child, but I honestly thought that the wrist was the key to everything. Oh, how wrong I was. To put it simple: the physiotherapist explained that the muscle around the bone that connects the shoulder blade is in such a powerful/over exercised shape that it doesn't know how to relax, and the other muscles around it [the shoulder blade] definitely needs to be strengthened since they've become weak/are stuck.

I left the room with elastic therapeutic tape around my wrist, which might (she said that it works with ~50% people) help the blood flow. I must say that it doesn't look like my skin is reacting to it (which apparently happens with some people), but I sense the area + area around it tingles once in awhile, so I believe it actually does something - it even feels kind of pleasant. So it'll stay there for two days. I also got adjustable wrist strap to try, which I can use when I feel like it, but I must start sleeping with it on (to avoid weird positions and just generally to let my wrist relax). I also got told that I'm not allowed to touch my dumbbells until the next appointment, I can exercise my back/stomach and I got to keep doing specific everyday exercises + buy exercise band (also old tights would be fine but who has those) to do stuff with five times a week. Jogging, swimming and those sorts of things are also sweet.

Sssoooo.. This nerd needs to work on some lifestyle changes.

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