Shadow of Subconsciousness

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Green note

Today have been a good day. I did my deed and voted in the local elections. Saw a friend again, walked around while having casual and good conversations.

Overall this week has passed quite nicely. On wednesday it rained, so I stayed indoors and opened up a chocolate bar that had been waiting me for weeks, and listened the raindrops tingling my window. Gaming far long into the night with such an awesome company.

I've learned to eat even more versatile way, and I've done 5 proper walk/jogging sessions in total. Today the weather was almost surreal: I could just put a long sleeved shirt on, and even left my hat home without freezing my ears at all! The air felt warm. I've started to view my body more as a whole, as a vessel that's truly mine. Trying to fully absorb that fact that others opinions doesn't matter as long as I feel good.  Tummy has also liked the amount of exercise I've put myself through; it has felt more real, more healthy and flat. IBS I'm kicking your ass again!

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