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Friday, 10 March 2017

Whirling time

On monday it was time for me to jump into a bus to travel to meet my friend Sari. This time I actually got to spent ~half of my bus journey with a friend beside me, which was really nice. Then the second half.. first half of it I watched YouTube and the bit I just talked with Milo and listened to music, which I tend to do a lot.

Sari had previously suggested that she'd be interested to go and watch Tom of Finland with someone, so when the evening came we headed to the cinema.We both liked the movie, and I bet we'll keep joking how "Yellow is a sissy color!" since.. well, you know if you've seen the movie. Partly it was extremely sweet & cute and partly just sad. Strong story, portrayed with Finnish style with a tiny international twist.

On tuesday we headed to the city to go around couple of shops, including one awesome antiquarian shop which sells movies, music, books.. ended up buying 3 movies and 2 records. Oops.. Well, at least now my Happoradio collection is complete, so I get that out of my way. Also it's always nice to get my movie shelf a bit bigger. That reminded me that I, again, have some stuff coming in the mail.. Who said I enjoy TV-series, movies, music, books..? Well, I might just a little.

We both also ended up buying pair of sunglasses, so we're definitely feeling 'em. I love this picture of us btw.

More feeling-the-sunglasses:

Oh, and I have to share this sweeeet blazer that I found! It seems to fit perfectly and was the last one sale - I feel really happy and lucky that I found it. I acknowledge it doesn't get to show it's full potential with a band T-shirt, my comfy jeans and over sized combat boots, but that'll do now. You get the picture.

Clock ran while watching Brokeback Mountain (Sari.. what did you do to meeee, it was so heartbreaking movie! Goddamn.) and the day changed into wednesday. I got to hear Happy Birthday song sang to me () and also got some heart-warming messages all around the places.

On afternoon it was time for me to travel back home. After a long time the bus trip actually felt long, in the midway I even hit a little sorrow, 'cause of reasons, but it passed as alwyas. I'm feeling really thankful for this time that I had, quality of it was amazing (thx to the friend), so: Big thank you Sari. I miss you already!

Maybe the best "online" present was still to Skype with Milo before going to sleep, no matter we both were feeling quite slow, but it was understandable since noticing it was late. Also made pizza for myself before that, so. Sweet brithday. Even had singing birthday card waiting for me at home, without forgotting that I had the present Sari had given to me (which was so nice btw). I felt whole.

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