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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Pastel sky

Hey y'all. My head has been feeling like it's in the middle of some swift. It's weird to think about how little you actually knew yourself a year ago, or even a month ago. I think it's extremely important to be constantly evolving, and to not to be scared of growing and changing. It's also important to let people around you change, no matter what it will do to your connection. It's important not to try to change another to fit your life (or anything) better.

I've also discovered that I actually wish to read more books with (modern) poetry. I haven't ever been properly into poetry, mainly 'cause I'm (as with many things) really picky about what sort of poems I like. But I lately read one poem book (which was in English btw!) that I genuinely liked. And I wish to find more like it.

The past 5 weekends in a row I've had a friend to stay over (btw we completed Sly 2 and 3: 100%), so after that long time I'm finally having a week for myself (which almost seems weird). Yesterday I was walking with a friend, and today I was walking two hours with another friend. I also did a workout, but it still somehow feels like I have too much time to sit on my PC for example.

I've been planning to start my proper walk/jogging things, since snow has been melting away from streets quite nicely since last week (sunday-monday night surprise snowing doesn't count, it melted away already!), so it starts to be really good weather to just put sneakers on and not to slip anymore. Luckily a good hoodie is also enough even in 0°C weather, if I just know what else to put on - since I still have no intentions to purchase "a sport jacket".

We shall see how this week goes!

ps. happy World Poetry Day

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