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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Gettin' active

On wednesday I was a bit of a green thumb, since I doubled the amount of plant pots I have on my windowshill. I originally had one plant, then while I lived back at my parents it doubled itself. Last spring I got my third. Now, all of a sudden, I have a total of six of 'em and two of 'em consist two plants. Since when did my one plant suddenly became eight..? I'm a bit scared of next spring to be honest.. Am I going to have over 10 plants? Anyone want to give a nice caring home for some of 'em?

On thursday I just casually went out for a walk (pics from that!), since I woke up with a weird pair or muscles being sensitive after wednesdays proper walk/jogging. It seems like I always tend to do that.. pull a muscle when I go for the first proper walk of the year. Not complaining tho, I just find it interesting how it's different pair or muscles every year - it's like I'm discovering something new each time!

Yesterday morning I went to buy a pair of curtains that were on sale, the ones that properly block light. Say I'm funny or not, I actually put 'em behind my actual curtains, so I basically have double layer. I don't yet have an iron, and even if I did, I bet blank gray ones wouldn't look as nice. Might look a bit heavy to have two curtains on top of each other, but let's face it: my furnitures are only in black or dark wooden color, so at least in my opinion they don't stand out weirdly. Three yays: 1. for sun not ruining my pitch black bunker (aka home), 2. I can sleep properly and 3. it's actually much cooler when the sunlight stays out. I'm such a happy nerd now.

Overall I've just stayed in touch with friends, watched movies and lots of YouTube, been on social media.. the usual. Spring has properly kicked it's affect on me and I've done two proper workout sessions and walks this week in total. Body approves. I'm feeling much more energetic in general. We shall see when the hay (birch) fever starts to push me back down (and will the pills that I got too late last year actually work or do I keep blowing blood out of my nose). Anyways: So far so good!

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