Shadow of Subconsciousness

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

You know, it's okay

I find myself thinking about life. I find myself thinking about how much I've grown every year. How much more I know the world now, how freely I can breath. Right now I could honestly say that I am happy.

I have people to talk to. I knew I had to zone out couple of my social media sites, but that's okay - if one needs that, one does that. I have couple of people who I can rely on, who I feel like I talk about anything with. Couple of people who I can be as close as I need to be. They're important.

I've found myself fascinated about things again. I don't try to modify myself to be anything other than I am. I'm actually quite happy about the thing that my stomach did on the late summer/early autumn, after that I've been able to gain stuff back better, not only physically but I enjoy the change that happened mentally, too. Neither was on my control, at least I don't think they should have been. I think my life would've lost it's meaning if I'd have interrupted.

I might not be in the best place with power, world wise, but I'm still proud of myself in this smaller bubble that I've created and sometimes open to the wider world. Heck, I don't feel the pressure to be any feminine than I am anymore. That's a huge thing. I am me again, but now I'm it more truly than ever before. More about that later.

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