Shadow of Subconsciousness

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The little things

I haven't talked much about the place that I live in, my sweet sweet studio apartment. I don't feel comfortable sharing pictures that give the overall picture of it, since this is pretty much my safe haven, place to tune off from the internet and from other people. Many serious topics have been buzzing around my head (I'll write the next parts of my coming out with time), but I just felt like writing about something more casual, so here's this.

Over a month ago I transformed my bed to look more like a sofa in occasions that I need it to function as a sofa (the pics above: from a bed to a sofa). I can tell you that it's extremely comfortable. I also found more old magazines about my favorite band, which to be honest as I teen I thought I'd never get to own, and I put the one that already owned + new ones in a big frame; favorites more visible. I can't believe I actually own the thing! It's so cool:

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