Shadow of Subconsciousness

Friday, 24 February 2017


My mind feels like an open wave, which is in the middle of social swirl. Nothing wrong with this, I somehow even feel very much at home.

I had quite busy one week, and my socializing is still continuing. I had a friend over, and after he left I also left to visit my brother, parents and even saw grandma. I had one night alone time in between the friend and relatives "swap", and now I had the same but opposite; I came home just before 10pm and around/after 3pm I'm getting the friend back here. Right now I'm planning workout and shower, since my tummy haven't felt the best lately, so I thought I could make myself feel physically better in the meantime.

Also! Before last weekend (thursday - friday night around 1am to be precise) I cut the side of my hair (more) in the way that I have never done before. Now I feel much better, almost like I'm born again. You can't see it at all in that picture if you don't know what you're looking for, but I might post an actual hair thingy later. It's sneaky, and I quite like it. I feel like I have nothing on my left side to be honest. It's a tiny bit viking like.

But now I got to keep going. My hair must be dry in 4 hours, and I still have stuff to dooo~~

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