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Monday, 27 February 2017

Claw the wellness

Almost forgot to share that I was watching A Cure for Wellness on last monday with my brother. I'm still kind "shocked" (positively surprised..?) that the movie had Augen Auf playing on the background in one scene.. You can easily guess where my focus went right at the very second I heard it. I just never thought I'd hear OOMPH! playing in a cinema! And the song even fits into the movie quite nicely! Such a positive surprise. The movie itself was quite good, even tho I felt extremely disgusted in one particular scene.. actually in several, but one stung my quite hard. A Cure for Wellness must be one of those movies that is quite stunning when you see it for the first time, beautifully built. Like a puzzle that reveals itself only quite at the end.

I also ordered this absolutely beautiful tote bag (+ sticker) from FLAVNT Streetwear, which came last friday. It took only 13 days to arrive all the way from Texas! :

Last weekend went quite nicely. The PS2 memory card has worked without problems and we completed the Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. I guess we're still going to finish the second as well, even tho we got quite far in one day (playing without memory card) - but we want to feel the ending! So got to start that over. We also watched couple movies, including The Lost Boys that was a positive surprise. We also greed with The Corpse Bride's songs.

Today I've just watched couple of TV-serie episodes, done shoulder workout, cooked some food with salad, listened one more podcast (since the beginning.. good podcasts!), listened a lot of music and chatted with friends. I'll probably watch some more episodes and/or read later, try to write more. Things like that.

Tomorrow I got to deal with some things, but before that I'm going to go for a walk with a friend. After those.. not sure yet. I'm going to go with the flow.

Everyday life.

And next weekends plan is pretty much chilling and going to watch this:

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