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Saturday, 7 January 2017

The old me?

Year 2017 hit the ground and I felt huge urge to go and visit my trade school time friend, whom I hadn't seen since. I twisted my sleeping around in two days from going to sleep 6am to waking up on that time - chameleon skills! I have to be honest with you that the weather forecast scared me a little bit, 'cause I'd had hopes up that I'd have time to visit the place before it actually gets wintery.. but yeah, well, my luck, Joensuu went cold just for me (I brought the coldness with me! -jokes):

On 3rd day of January slept roughly around 4½ hours before waking up, just 'cause I had overslept so much in the past days. So I was completely fine after all. Time to hit it!

It was pretty interesting to watch the nature wake up, and when I travelled back yesterday I got to see it going to sleep. The 4hours and 40minutes of travelling per way didn't even feel like a long time, I spent the majority of my time by listening to music and chatting, and when I needed a break from music I continued reading Kate Bornstein's memoir.

And after telling you the forecast scared me, it wasn't as cold as I expected, and not even sure why I was scared - I did just fine with my leather jacket. Also got to really experience wintery weather this winter!

I don't have much to tell about the trip, we re-watched Deadpool on the first night, played a bit PS3 and then also watched Forrest Gump on the last, 'cause I shockingly hadn't seen it before. And luckily his cat didn't tear me apart; in matter of fact she was pretty cute. Also my allergy didn't kick my butt in the worst possible way, so win win in both ways.

And about my sleeping shcedule (which I really don't have, but what else do people call it?).. I slept pretty normally at friend's place, woke up 9-11am everyday and so on. And now I couldn't sleep before 6am and woke up ~4.30pm..?! Didn't dare to wake up before 11am 'cause I knew I'd get barely 5hours, so continued and then was shocked that my clock (which is 12-hour clock) looked the same when I started to roll in my bed - just had the afternoon dot on. Sooo.. I may have to start using alarm again that I don't start sleeping all too weird. I want to see a bit daylight when I wake up, thank you. But anyway, home sweet home. Not a bad way to start a year: travelling.

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