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Friday, 27 January 2017

One two, one two... sound check

On tuesday I travelled to Helsinki, which I had been missing quite deeply (it's a city + I bet that the air smells different on the coast or something). Me and brother went to hunt a gaming headset for me, and luckily brother is quite patience since I wanted to try almost every single one of 'em twice or something.. No matter the price, I brought HyperX Cloud Stinger ones, they felt the most comfortable to wear on my weirdly small head. I can recommend 'em, aren't expensive either. After that we went to the cinema to watch Split, which was really good if you don't count the oldster's naive moment.

After the day spent in Helsinki, brother came to visit me (which he hadn't done in months since I always had a reason to travel there.. oops me!). We played a lot of Streets of Rage games and other games, too, watched couple of movies and TV-serie episodes. Also on wednesday a tiny miracle happened which I think I fully haven't realised yet.. I got a second W.A.S.P. ticket, I'm going to see 'em again! I think I'm going to burst or something.

Today has been mysteriously foggy. Brother left, and I've just been relaxing at home for the rest of the day. I'm waiting that a week passes by, 'cause then I get to build a raccoon bunker (aka play Sly games) with a friend. But on the other hand I'm just going to spend an awesome week before that, chatting, watching series, working out/stretching.. And I'm almost weirdly excited that I finally decided to get a vacuum cleaner. It works like a charm. I tend to postpone certain things, probably without any reasonable reason (I just don't feeeel like it). Now I feel like my life has jumped to the next level, which I was ready to achieve. What "adult".

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