Shadow of Subconsciousness

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I've talked about death, shared stories, laughed and cuddled. I've had multiple conversations about sexual experiences and how people view gender. I think that with time I always realize more and more about my past and present, and maybe what's the most important; what I want from my future. What I know to avoid. What's actually been bad for me and what's good. How to be better, evolve.

In the past month I have wanted to be alone more than ever in a long time. I still love it that I can reach to someone at any second if I need to, or I just want to. I've became extremely bored with talking about physical things, like new cameras or stuff to purchase. Why can't we talk more about (perhaps our own or any other) stories or art or something? I also try to focus more on things that I actually want to focus on, not to things that I feel like I should focus on. I may come out as rude to others, but I think now I just mirror the negative feelings I'd otherwise feel myself, to away - not just repress them silently. In my opinion and with a long journey in mind this is necessary and needed step for me to take right now.

Mind motion

I think about the colors
that my minds rotates and generates
the shapes and motions
instead of clear images

I think about all the pain that I've felt
and don't know would it be even scarier
if it actually allows us to feel happy emotions more strongly

Have you ever wondered why your body warms itself
when you cry?

A poem that I wrote in English.

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