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Friday, 9 December 2016

Howling winter

I haven't posted much about the "everyday life" of mine for a while. While writing about the gig I decided to write just about it, and afterwards totally forgot to write a post about the time surrounding it - the time I spend at brother's. My life ain't adventurous everyday, and that's why I tend not to write about every single day. But that doesn't mean I ain't doing anything. Being on PC or gaming, casually seeing a friend, working out or suchs.. what would I always tell about it all? Write every single conversation down? Review or every single thing that I watch or consume in general? I think then this blog would explode.

I think even tho I'm open for things being shared on the internet, and I tend to write openly.. But I never could keep track on everything I do - I'll always have life outside the virtual world. I sometimes even craving for it, I feel like I do too many things virtually. No matter how much things I want to share, you're never going to get it all. I hope these fragments are going to be enough for me and whoever wants to be part of this journey. I humbly welcome you.

This winter is going too fast, or at least I'm taking it in too slow. I haven't felt like sending Christmas cards this year, since at the end of the day I'm not such a big fan of this holiday. Yeap, deep down I'm one of those lame atheists. Besides, it comes after Halloween.. who wants to take those decorations down and change 'em to something colorful?

For me Christmas has always been a day or two spent surrounded by people who are close to me. When I lived at parent's, it was always Christmas with family. When big brother moved out, it was a day at home and day at his. Last Christmas my ex insisted that I spend the Christmas with him and his family - ended up being weird (for me) and I visited "home" (brother + parents) on the 27th and came back on the 31st (I always dreamed that when I move out, I want to spend the first New Years at my own place). I'm spending this Christmas entirely with my brother and we visit parents on 24th. Feeling good about the current plan.

Yeah.. What was I supposed to write when I opened this? Working out, gaming, internet, walks with friends, jamming with music, pizza making.. that's what I've been up to lately. And if someone notices tiny blog changes, I raise my hat for you!

Have a great weekend everyone. x

Picture explanation: 1. duck army, 2. my only  proper "Christmas decoration",
3. Lahti at night, 4. right side of my face + acne,
5. & 6. introducing you to my travel bag in more detail (bag itself introduced in July), 7. just laying

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