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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Flour and lots of letters

Hey world. I've done some changes into this blog, again, and now it actually feels like complete! I added ✏ Questbook back, it can be found on the top right corner of this page (on the white area!) if you wish to write something there. There's hardened logo of my poem site on the corner of the newest poem section (in exchange of this blog's dots), the Follow section looks a whole new level different and more or less teeny tiny things like that. Oh, and there's a cool thing under the main title (aka blog name), try and hover over it - it's translation and blog's main description at the same time. ;) Right now my ideas seem to be totally over, so I could pronounce this as somewhat ready! Ah, homey and cozy, ready for the upcoming year(s)!

I haven't posted a poem for like ~two weeks and that time seems like an eternity, but like a holiday, also. A nice holiday. I've been talking to one interesting and seemly nice fella to Stockholm three days now, and I translated couple of poems for him, since he couldn't read the weird Finnish I speak. I thought I'd also share one of 'em here right now:
In the Air

What if I'd press my nails through my palms
would try to breathe with the fishes
suppressed my mind
I'd pile the remains for a new
better version of myself

The accordion gets compressed together
the air escapes from the everyday as the last chord
of the rhythm of life

A black hole swallows us all
corrodes the contaminates of the exterior
with the first breath of the morning
we are all present again

(original: Ilmassa)

My dear friend Sari visited from friday to tuesday; we filmed the Most Likely To Tag once, but, eh, I don't think it's ever going to get published.. Sorry! We watched seven movies (including The Danish Girl which told the tale of a transgender woman!), tho. And baked muffins by using spelt floar instead of wheat flour that even I could eat them. And to be fair the flour was so soft and didn't taste weird at all in a muffin - the muffins ended up being absolutely delicious! Had a lovely time altogether.

I'm going to slide off from this blog again, end this writing here. I hope you like all the changes I've done, enjoyed the poem at least a little bit and hoped you could smell that delicious muffin.

Until next time, take care!

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