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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas moon day @Helsinki

Me and my brother decided to continue our "Christmas shopping tradition" this year. But we decided to start it with Fantastic Beasts! I saw the trailer when I visited cinema last time and got excited, but honestly didn't look anything up since. Well, it's kinda good, 'cause I didn't get to repeat the shit out of it and know all the lines from the (trailer) clips before even seeing the actual movie. I hoped the movie is going to be good.. And it was absolutely brilliant! Totally surprised me how good it actually was. I had a weird feeling inside me a long time after the movie ended, the spirit just stuck (in a totally good way!).  I'm honestly so much more excited about these (total of 5 movies) than I ever was about Harry Potter. (Special props for the movie music!) Gotta buy this when it comes out and watch it again.

After the movie we headed to Pasila to pick stuff (boooard game) up, and then went to Burger King. I had to get a milkshake as usual. Then we headed to the ultimate board game shop - Lautapelit. After that we just spent the last piece of time going in different shops and trying to find presents. To admit, there wasn't much time left. And at last but definitely not least, I just had to buy this tiny adorable hat for Kapsi (my childhood soft toy which will always remain in my shelf!). You can't say it doesn't look cute.

Overall, I had an amazing and compact day. Thx to brother for company!

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