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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas 2016

haircut, done

Christmas went by, I had a pleasant time at brother's from 22th to 26th, we visited parent's 25th and went to watch Passengers after (the movie has one big secret which I did not expect, but after acknowledging that it was pretty predictable - amazingly fascinating but quite unpleasant to watch after all). We also played this veeery Christmasy game (the color scheme is so red so why not) called Mother Russia Bleeds (shares game mechanics with SEGA's Streets of Rage which is huge classic for me!). And of course a lot of Dead by Daylight, tried out the 10th Dominion expansion that brother got for me as a present and of course ate a lot of salmon and chocolate, even baked mince pies with flaky pastry and strawberry marmalade to fit my diet (IBS). Aand tried out a gluten free mud cake which ended up being way better than the usual!

 Thank you brother for the amazing Christmas.

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