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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The snow is full of sound

Silent evenings with candles all around, playing ps4 with my childhood buddy (stuffed animal..) Kapsi. Evenings on PC, being social, playing games etc. Casual evenings with walking company, even evening which lead to night which consisted Dominion and ultimate draw match. I think I've made a new friend around here, who seems really sweet (hi if you're reading this!). I've felt good lately. Oh, and that first pic is from around 2am on saturday-sunday night when I lost doodling to my face.. that's what went down in one minute! Pretty neat, huh? A very likely warpaint for the gig.

I've done a lot workout in the past two weeks, as I told a bit on the last post. My tummy has been feeling better except on this monday and yesterday it was a bit messed up, in the way that it just doesn't process the food enough and is vexed.. My physical being has been a bit weaker 'cause of that, as it tends to do when worse IBS times kicks in. But no matter, I just try to eat well and drink enough water. And if I don't imagine, my shoulders are lookin' a bit better already!

And for the mental healh update:

I did  a depression and a  general anxiety test earlier, which I both failed really badly - I barely got any numbers. I did a social anxiety test and officially heard the results today (if anyone is interested, it was pretty much this, just in Finnish etc.) and I got 94 points... I personally find this mildly hilarious. Imagine a situation where a person has been depressed all their life and at the age of 20 someone is like "heck, you actually have a depression!". Well, I feel the same with this - only that my depression is social anxiety. "Could you describe how long you think you've had symptoms like this?" "For so long as my memories go." "Which is..?" "From age 4-5 I guess?" The stare I got was priceless. So I could say I have Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and people should take me seriously, but we shall see will I. But yeah, as an update kinda thingy: this is pretty hilarious imo.

...The long-awaited saturday is soon at hand ♥!

+ I'm totally thrilled for the first supporting band, Ember Falls...

..these (Finnish!) dudes are something. This song is pure awesomness!

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