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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Swing of mind

In the morning I thought I'd write about the past weekend, the gig and all, but now I don't think I can do it. So I'm just going to write about this day instead. (Ya'll, it's after 12am again - just FYI, the date being all "wrong" once again!)

My sleeping pattern is someway "messed up", which just feels cozy. I know I can turn it over in a day if I want to. If I need to. I've never been a person who yearns regularities in life, I enjoy changes (note: social things are different). Changes have the taste of adventure in them.

Well, today was an indoor day for me. Nothing special planned, had an alarm to wake me up at 1pm. After playing one more prestige level in DbD last night I knew I probably wouldn't play much, didn't need to go out to buy more food if I didn't want to.. Nothing. I'd planned to just stay in bed and start reading a new book which I picked up from mail yesterday, as I somewhat did. I also had my phone next to me from the very beginning as I woke up.

I received a message from a friend in the morning when I was still at sleep, and as usual replied to it when I woke up. I pretty much kept chatting with him 'till he went to sleep some time ago. Well, generally as a chatting that lasted that long this ain't new at all, "wort of telling for", but our chat had a weird swing.

I met this guy at September(?) in 2014 for the first time. We've both had things in our life since then, obviously, since it was over two years ago. At one point we didn't see each other in 1 and half years (?!), but when we did, if I hadn't thought about the passed time before going to meet him, I don't think I honestly would've noticed any difference: except that we had grown as people - but my point is that the atmosphere was still the same. It was like we've just met yesterday.

The messages went to somewhat usual casual sort of teasing tone, and I got one teeny tiny vibe about one thing and started teasingly and repeatedly asking about it, referring to our previous conversation where we both said that we have one secret we wouldn't tell to one another. I thought it wouldn't be anything, since the current situation and it haven't been before, so why couldn't I tease him (as usual)? Well, it ended up being something and me dropping couple of tears and being all mixed up. We both said that the other has/have always had a special place in one's heart and will always continue having. At the end of this topic he asked is it a bad and/or weird time to ask me to visit him in the near future, since he's missed me and have thought about asking many times, and I told him that he's sweet of worrying that and of course it's not, and promised to visit him when our schedules meet.

What about my secret? It happened to be the same [as his].

After cooling down in the shower I properly got out of bed - it was almost 9pm. (Well, I had cooked and suchs before that, but I had took everything back to bed and continued spending my so-lazy-wednesday.) Now I'm on my PC, in my "pyjamas" and typing this down while listening to couple of new EPs I got. Also chatted to one close friend of mine (thank you for listening). Anyway, I wanted to welcome you into this day as well, while at the same time unwrapping this for myself. So, here's this.

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