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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Casual & snowy

Thermometer usually says around -5° these days, the snow came a week ago and weirdly haven't gone away as it usually does for the first times. I've even stayed some days fully at home, and I can't recall when was the last time I did that before the ~week I've now mostly been by myself.

In the past week I've started doing shoulder and (nowadays also) abdominal exercises more regularly and heavily, since I don't ever do my regular walks/joggings after the snow comes. I don't even start how good it feels when you can feel your arm muschles and with good luck also your tummy all day around. You just feel more slim (less swollen! huge comfort for me, a person with IBS) and energetic in general, at least that's what my workouts do for me. Body positivity is more high, since I realise I generally do good things for my body at the moment. Body dysphoria won't beat me in this run!

Today I saw my ex-coworker and we went for a walk for like one and half hours, which was really sweet since I rarely walk outside by myself for fun when it's snowy (my face and fingers freeze with time no matter what I do!). Waterside and nature in general looked really beautiful with this whiteness. ..Tomorrow I shall see Tau again, which is also going to be a blast. So I shall not live as a blanket burrito the whole day again just yet - and crawl out from the burrito to do the workouts.

Someday I shall write more thoughtful post about "the little things". I've lately been growing more and more into my sexual & gender-identity, which I feel like is worth mentioning. I feel like I do that everyday, but lately it has felt like a huge step again. I've also been doing stuff to help myself practise self care more regularly. Besides all that, some things still make me feel like a knot.

But overall, I've had a real good time lately.

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