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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Language swap

It was three years ago when I last had my blog in English, and I actually pretty much enjoyed it back then.

Recently I've noticed I tend to mumble more when I'm writing in Finnish (maybe 'cause I know the vocabulary almost completely, so I have so much more to choose from?). I've even had struggles with writing, 'cause I feel like my texts aren't good or deep enough, like it's missing something and maybe that's why they become so much like lists (at least for me they seem to form that way). I've even avoided this sometimes and for sure skipped some ideas 'cause of it.

When I'm thinking about starting to write, or I'm in the middle of writing, a thought may come into my mind in English and I find it stuggling to have to erase it and pay more attention while trying to form it again and again in Finnish - it tends to make the writing more slow and laborious (surprise). Weirdly, I feel like this is more liberating style of writing for me, comes more naturally.

I guess the reason why I changed the language back into Finnish then, was the same it was trying to be now: to keep my Finnish writing skills in shape. But the stress of it.. it always comes back. I'm sorry to muddle things up again, but to be fair, all my other social media profiles has already and casually been in English for several years.

I want to point out that, surprisingly, my English ain't going to be perfect. Rare things in this world are anyway. But it's not the worst either, I hope. So I can keep writing and we both can keep reading this. Okay? Cool!

I also want to point out that my poems will always remain in Finnish. That's the thing I'm never going to give up. I'll be in touch with my language roots in that way. After all, I love Finnish language. I just.. my mind keeps thinking many everyday sentences in English for some reason. I'm the irritating guy at conversations who puts English here and there. So to avoid that for now on and to expand the amount of people who actually can read this blog: I'm changing this blog into English. And I think it's going to stick this time (there can be some full on Finnish posts sometimes, tho).

Opinions? Discussion?

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